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Top 5 Tips for Overcoming Depression

It’s hard to be a person sometimes, especially right now. The ongoing crises our planet and humanity are facing, managing so many adult responsibilities day time day, not to mention the dark winter days for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere.

You are not alone.

I recently had a streak of several low mental health days, and for better or worse, this wasn’t my first time struggling with my mental health.

Here are a few of my biggest tips for beginning to overcome a depressive episode, if you’ve fallen into a hole. These tips are intentionally super simple and actionable steps you can take, WITHOUT overwhelming your nervous system or trying to fake your way through feeling better.

photo of a brunette woman with short hair, wearing a purple tanktop. She is lying on a purple yoga mat with a blanket rolled behind her neck, and placing a pink eye pillow over her face.
  1. Get out of bed and shower. Even if you lie on the floor in the shower and wash your body while sitting on the shower floor, that's okay. Getting clean can help clear your mind, and help you start to gain momentum.

  2. Change into comfy, clean clothes. Even if they're PJs, a pair of clean clothes can make all the difference when you're feeling low.

  3. Limit your social media and phone usage. Keep your phone on "Do Not Disturb" or try placing your phone in another room or spot further away from yourself. Phones are a great tool, but if you're struggling, they can also become an unintentional weapon to pull you down even further.

  4. Tell at least one person you trust that you are struggling and need support. Perhaps this person can come over and help you clean your house, sit with you while you watch a movie, or listen to you while you express your feelings. It can feel overwhelming to do basic house chores, or even get out of bed. If you have the capacity, tell one person and allow them to help you start to recover and get back to feeling like yourself again.

  5. Find a healthy way to express what you're feeling. If this feeling could talk, what would it say? Maybe you need to cry, scream, talk, journal, or some other way to let your feelings be express. Whatever you're holding onto and feeling in this moment, let it out as best you and keep moving.

You don’t have to feel better first before you start to dig out of this. I hope these tips are helpful to you. Please share with someone else you love and save this for when you need a reminder.

Take it one step at a time. You can do this. Just keep swimming.

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