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Hi there!
I'm Danni.

I'm an experienced Burnout Recovery Coach, Sustainability Consultant, 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and the founder of Dharma with Danni.


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Danni drinking coffee with her plants.
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I have over 10 years of experience in climate action, sustainability, zero waste, outreach, and program management. Whether it's dumpster diving for recycling, mentoring young sustainability professionals, or building policies that address climate change, I live and breathe this lifestyle every day.

I began practicing yoga as a way to manage my stress and anxiety in 2013 and was quickly captured by the practice.

My passion is empowering climate professionals to prioritize their mental health and equip everyday folks with the knowledge to address climate change in their communities. 

My values in both my yoga practice and sustainability career are what keep me aligned, focused and centered in my work and life.

Who I am

An environmental and burnout specialist.

What I do

Sustainability is front and center.

Sustainability Consulting

I help businesses and everyday folks get motivated and learn the steps to take action on climate.

Group + Personal Yoga

I offer private and public yoga sessions personalized for each booking. 

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Burnout Recovery

I help folks deal with their stressors, heal their burnout, and keep moving in a more aligned, sustainable direction.


I simplify complex topics like sustainability, burnout recovery, and living a more balanced life.

Danni doing yoga on a rocky beach

I believe my dharma, or mission, in life is to empower people and the planet, reconnect you to your body, remember your connection to nature and get inspired to address climate change all while living a resilient, joyful and purposeful life. I bring my mission to life by helping people deal with their stressors, heal from their burnout, and send them off in a more sustainable direction.

If we are going to keep global warming below the 1.5-degree threshold, we need everyone to do their part - and I'm here to help give folks the tools to get involved!

Why I do it

To empower people and the planet.

Danni holding hands in prayer position, wearing a blue tanktop

My approach

I believe healed people heal people, and that's why I do this work. 

My work is not either/or. It's a both/and. I am a yoga teacher, and a climate professional. I am a climate professional, and a burnout coach. 

What drives my passion for the planet is also balanced by my need (and sometimes reluctance!) to find rest.

For these and many other reasons, you'll find my work centered firmly at the intersection of personal resilience and climate resilience. 


I believe centering rest alongside our most passionate work will usher in a more creative, empathetic, and healed world.

My goal is empower you with the tools you need to tap into your unique wisdom, empowering you to get the knowledge and tools you need to be successful. 

If we are going to show up in our communities and our workplaces in as a fullest selves, then we have to put on our own oxygen mask first.


For too long, we have placed the urgency of our work above our wellbeing. But after healing my own burnout and finding a more balanced approach to my work, I found the pathway to prioritize both passion and self-preservation, at the same time. 


There are other burnout coaches, yoga teachers, and sustainability professionals out there. But when you work with me, you will feel heard, have your needs met, and we will collaborate to find solutions that work for you and your unique needs.

Let's get to work!

Let's collaborate to find solutions that work for you and your needs. When you work with me, you will feel heard and have your needs met. Let's get started!

Past projects
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