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Quick facts about our climate.

Learn about our changing climate and its impact on our lives and companies, how addressing burnout can improve your health and employee retention and how the practice of yoga realigns your life and benefits your business.

“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it.”

- Barack Obama

photo of a young person wearing a yellow coat, holding a climate activist sign

Climate change has a significant impact on public health in individuals, particularly mental health outcomes. A 2020 APA survey found that 56% of U.S. adults said climate change is the most important issue facing the world today.

Addressing the impacts of climate change on your business and your life are critical for maintaining and thriving in today's modern world. We need everyone in this fight to keep 

The status of our planet now

It is already impacting human health.

Continued research

Benefits of sustainability consulting

Your business will thrive with sustainability.

Save money.
Appeal to top talent.
Impress investors.
Lower employee turnover.
Continued research

Benefits of burnout coaching

Burnout is today’s #1 workplace occupational hazard.

Rediscover yourself.
Increase productivity.
Discover your boundaries.
Decrease employee turnover.
Continued research

Benefits of yoga

“Living your yoga is not just doing it, but being it.”
- Judith Hanson Lasater

Live in the moment.
Become one with nature.
Reconnect with yourself.
Manage stress.
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Key Takeaways

Downloadable resources

4 takeaway's on our environment

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