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Rediscover your balance -

and build a more green world through burnout recoverysustainability consulting and yoga practice with climate professional Danni Schaust.


Impact from the client's perspective

...a good investment of
our funds."
"Solarize Indiana, a nonprofit organization educating Hoosiers on renewable energy matters, hired Danni Schaust to perform a wide-ranging survey in preparation for our strategic planning meeting. We found her to be productive, responsive, quick to learn and a pleasure to work with."

Anne Hedin

Solarize Indiana

An independent, outside observer was very helpful."
"We were very pleased to work with Dharma with Danni to review our sustainability practices and confirm our choices, as well as get feedback where we can improve."

David Vonnegut-Gabovitch


She is thorough, knowledgeable...and gets you excited about doing your part!"
"...she exceeded my expectations!...She provided a fully customized recommendation list for my specific business needs and goals with changes I can easily and affordably make!"

Kendra Ryan

The Melted Bead Wax Studio

Partners + Clients
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How it Works

1.  Book an intro call to chat.

We'll meet virtually to discuss your project and needs.

photo of a brunette woman with short hair, wearing a green tanktop that says "Green Queen." She's smiling & holding a coffee
picture of a short-haired brunette woman holding a coffee mug and smiling at a laptop
2.  We'll make a plan.

During our call, we'll discuss what the next steps might look like to work with me.

3. Rediscover yourself.

Once the contracts are signed, we'll get to work! Whether it's consulting, practicing yoga, or addressing your burnout, we'll move forward together.

photo of two hands, typing on a laptop
photo of short-haired brunette woman wearing a green & white floral dress. She is smiling and looking at the camera
4.  Make it stick.

During and after our time together, we'll work to ensure you have the tools and resources you need to be successful - no matter what challenge we're facing together.

Get to know your coach

Hi there, I’m Danni. I’m an experienced climate professional, burnout coach, yoga teacher, and the founder of Dharma with Danni.

"You are not Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. It is good to remember that the planet is carrying you."
— Vandana Shiva

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